H​.​O​.​M​.​J​.​S. (feat. Young Sneezy)

from by Space Pope

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Chorus (Young Sneezy):

Hoes on my Jockstrap [1]
they're never gonna top that
these hoes love how plump my chickens are
that's why these fuckin hoes is on my jockstrap

I know why she came, don't care who she left with
up and went and gave the georgia dome to byron leftwich
then he went and tore his ACL up on some next shit
boys and girls out there be careful who you have sex with
got to respect this, motherfucker check this
made me a checklist, no rolex watch and no lexus
ain't bout that test shit, freaky with the way I eat my chips and hummus
gotta keep it checked, loose lips will sink the best ships
go tell that next bitch i'm down with it
compound throwing strikes on the mound with it
underground, you won't ever hear a sound with it
if she's bad then i might just hit the town with it
only if she's bad though [2]


I did this shit for Mark Anderson (RIP)
i left my city in the dark and blessed a broken heart
tell patrick kindlon i would die to justify my art
i clasped my hands to god for models and a push to start
this shit is dark, but it gets better
that's what i've been told
too young to be alone, too hot to be cold
it rests on my soul, i gotta forget her
2015 won't be the summer of the sweater
to the letter bitch i rep the 905 with it
there's a murder in this rhythm when I ride with it
if it's mine then I don't really go outside with it
if she's bad then i might be ride or die with it


I know why she came, in this club tonight
looking for somebody who's gon change her life [3]
these james reimer rappers, yeah they're just alright
i didn't fuck his sister, but we kissed all night
then i downloaded snapchat just to see some titties
blue and white watch, i'm on for my city
girl i know you wanna, smoke some marijuana
hit the big smoke, girl you know i'm from Toronto
i act the fool, chris brown with it
if that shit was a pool i finna drown in it
hold me down and i don't really fuck around with it
if she's bad then i might just blaze a pound with it
only if she's bad though.


from Fun In The Sun, released August 25, 2015
Beat produced by Omito

[1] A$AP Rocky - "P.M.W."
[2] T.I. - "No Mediocre"
[3] Offset; Migos - "Handsome and Wealthy"
[4] Jeremih - "Don't Tell 'Em"



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